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Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly is a Deligo Pick?
Our picks are uniquely designed in a rectangular shape to help promote a smoother, more natural playing technique.

Who invented the concept of Deligo Picks?

No one knows for sure but this style of pick has been primarily used within the Balkin Region of Europe throughout history

How did you come up with the idea for the Deligo Picks?
During a recording session in Nashville, I realized that this style of pick has not been introduced to the American market. The idea was born!

Why is it called a Deligo Picks?

Deligo in latin means "too pick". I just thought it was a cool name.

Will a Deligo Pick make my strings wear out faster?

No, next question !

Can a Deligo Pick damage my guitar's finish?
Yes, if you play it like you are chopping wood. haha.

Do your strings come in loop end or pin style?
Our strings are available in loop end only.

Are individual strings available ?
Yes, we have both individual strings available as well as complete string sets for a multitude of stringed instruments from around the world.

How durable are your strings?
Our strings have been tried and tested to with stand all types of players. The stainless steal design and tightly wound loop end can with stand normal use and maintain their rich sound.

Will you offer Deligo Picks in any other colors?
The nylon picks with be available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and Neon Green.

Are Deligo Pick available in any retail stores?.
Currently they are not available in retail stores. We will begin marketing our picks in 2007 to retailers across the states.

What type of picks are available at Deligo Picks ?

We have 2 styles: Nylon and Horn. Our nylon picks come in a flexible "flex" style that allows for a smoother softer sound and a stiff "firm" style that promotes a driving more powerful sound. Our Horn picks are available in both Cow and Buffalo horn. Both horn style picks are handcrafted polished horn

Do you offer a discount on larger orders?
We do provide bulk pricing on our nylon picks for orders of 100 picks or more and on our horn picks for orders of 50 or more.

Can I buy picks without the Deligo Logo imprint?
Picks will generally carry our logo "d" if not specified in the order. Blank picks are available. Picks can be customized upon request at an additional cost to accommodate your unique logo. All custom orders, once approved by the customer, are non-refundable.

Is the Deligo Pick easy to use?
The positioning of the pick with in the musician's hand is quite different than that of the conventional triangle picks currently on the market.  By placing the pick along the inside of your thumb, the musician can achieve greater pick movement, cross over speed and enhanced musical dynamics while decreasing the strain on the musician's arm, wrist and hand movements. Once a musician is familiar with the new look and feel of the pick by Deligo, it is very difficult to go back to a triangle pick.


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